Drivers Circle enables dealerships to perform exceptional customer relationship management by providing the following components

 Accurate data management and maintenance

 Secure data housing via in-house servers

 Intelligent customer to vehicle profiling and matching

 Comprehensive customer and vehicle overview

 Central “Unsubscribe- and Opt-out” database

 Potential sale and service forecasting

 Precise market segmentation for effective market communication,
  Lead generation and up-selling

 Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 compliant data management

 Precise market segmentation for effective market communication,
  Lead generation and up-selling

 Professional direct marketing designed by in-house new-media agency

 Personalized direct multi-channel direct marketing via e-mail, SMS, post,
  websites, interactive digital signage and social media

 Harmonized branding

 Direct communications on sale anniversaries and birthdays

 Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 compliant direct marketing

 Telephonic Customer Satisfaction Indexing after every sale and service

 Vital customer data capturing and verification during CSI calls

 Quantitative and qualitative measurement of customer satisfaction regarding
  sale and service processes

 Representative feedback of customer expectations and opinions relating to
  sales and service departments

 Lead generation and escalation to respective sale and service departments
  via online Case Management System

 Daily, weekly and monthly reports relating to sale and service customer satisfaction

 Live, online lead and complaint management system

 Precise Customer Satisfaction Indexing

 Transparent complaint management

 In-depth customer and vehicle profiling

 Real-time staff monitoring and turnaround tracking

 Lead and complaint Follow-up analysis relating to individual
  sale and service employees

 Detailed internal reporting relating to complaint Follow-up,
  Lead Turnaround Times and Lead Conversions