Drivers Circle enables dealerships to perform exceptional customer relationship management by providing the following components
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At its core, Drivers’Circle® is designed to effectively increase customer satisfaction by performing intelligent, customer centric relationship management to extend Customer Lifetime Value and stimulate market growth.


Ongoing customer correspondence, on birthdays and vehicle anniversaries, assure strong brand retention as well as favorable brand associations as a means of developing lasting customer relationships.


By realizing superior customer management, through ongoing correspondence and customer centric service, dealerships are able to profit from repeat business as well as unwavering brand loyalty.


Effective customer relationship management not only retains existing customers but acquires new customers as well. Devoted brand loyalty encourages word-of-mouth advertising which directly increases market share.

By utilizing Drivers’Circle® direct marketing applications dealers are able to profit from professional direct marketing at reduced costs while enjoying higher returns on advertising investment.

Customer Care Solutions’ award winning, new-media marketing agency maximizes return on advertising investment by merging personalized advertising, meticulous segmentation and harmonized branding into every advertising campaign.

Through Customer Care Solutions’ multi channel direct marketing platform, dealerships extend advertising reach and exposure through a synergy of e-mail, SMS, post, websites, social media or even interactive digital signage.

Drivers’Circle® maintains unsubscribe databases, on behalf of dealerships, to increase advertising performance, maintain favorable customer opinion as well as comply with current legal obligations.

  • Beneficial customer management begins with exceptional customer understanding. Drivers’Circle® data capturing and verification applications not only drive marketing campaigns but provide customer intelligence as well.

    All leads as well as potential sale and service complaints are directly escalated through the case management system to the appropriate department, in order to accelerate lead conversions and improve complaint management.

    The case management system encourages pristine customer management and facilitates effective dealership management as well. By reporting on key staff performance indicators, managers can swiftly correct internal deficiencies.

    In depth reports, published by Customer Care Solutions, provide management with a clearer understanding of internal affairs while supplying vital customer intelligence needed to formulate successful future strategies.

  • By utilizing Customer Care Solutions’ Drivers’Circle®, all customer data is housed in secure, modern servers and continuously enhanced by Customer Care Solutions through diligent data verification and capturing applications.

    All archived customer data can effortlessly be retrieved through Drivers’Circle® live, online case management system. This secure, mobile solution not only simplifies customer management but minimizes IT expenditure as well.

    Dealerships further benefit from Customer Care Solutions vast industry expertise in CRM and direct marketing. Periodical consultations with individual dealerships ensure the highest possible return on CRM investment.

    Drivers’Circle® is entirely compliant with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and thus allows dealership to provide outstanding customer service as well as grow market share without any legal complications.

  • Profitable customer relationship management is defined by substantially increased sales and service levels. Drivers’Circle® is designed to economically grow market share as well as prolong repeat business without excessive expenditure.

    Due to its unique, modular design, Drivers’Circle® can be tailored to any dealership size and grows alongside without the need for expensive information and communication technology or maintenance expenditure.

    Drivers’Circle® also reduces operational costs by streamlining internal processes; relationship management activities are automated, service levels increased by repeat business and sales staff are allowed to excel.